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Total recall Arnold Schwarzennegger

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Kirja: Total recall Arnold Schwarzennegger- My unbelievably true life story
Kirjan kirjoittaja: Arnold Schwarzennegger
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Last October I attended Nordic Business Forum seminar where Arnold Schwarzennegger was a speaker. Nordic Business Forum is the seminar for inspiring, ideas, tools and networks. The speakers are successful from different sectors of business. They have their own stories and something new to give for the audience.

I had the honor to see the movie legend Arnold Schwarzennegger there. I had a strong preconceived idea of him as an actor and a body builder. I thought that he is arrogant and just a movie star. When I heard his story my opinion changed. Actually, he is very smart and down to earth! And he earned his first million before his movie stardom. Of course he is nowadays more American than European and he speaks on behalf of the American dream, which sounds funny as a Finnish.

Mister Schwarzennegger spoke about the five rules of the success at the seminar. I became interested in so much I read his biography. In the biography there are a lot of honest stories about Arnold’s long road ahead as one of the world’s most famous multi- talent.

Without determination, good attitude or hard work Arnold wouldn’t have moved from a small Austrian village to America. Without following five rule of success he wouldn’t have become one of the world’s most famous body builder, action movie star or the governor of California. I write my essay about these five rules.

Five rules of success







1. Find your vision

Young Arnold had a vision. He wanted to become famous and successful body builder. He even quitted an interesting and challenging military service so that he would be able to work out more. At the same time he moved from small Austrian village to the big city of Germany and started to work in a gym because he had better possibilities to work out there. He had a clear vision that was easy to follow step by step.

I remember when Arnold said in NBF that if you don’t have a vision or a reason to do something you will struggle every day. I can see it in my own action. I don’t have a clear vision for the future. It’s much harder to do things in the practice in my last year in Tiimiakatemia. I can see it also in our team’s commitment to goals. Team members don’t give everything in the last challenge to become a great team co- operative.

Think big





2. Never think small!!!

Arnold encourages thinking big. If you don’t think big you can’t become successful. After Arnold moved to America he had a dream to become a film star. He was told that he wouldn’t have no chance to it. He was too big and muscular and his accent was too scary. Arnold ignored comments such as “you can’t do it!” and started to train acting, speaking and so on. He turned weaknesses into strength. Now he is one of the world’s most famous action stars.

In our team we often think small because we are afraid to fail. I am guilty of doing it often because I’m a perfectionist. It is so hard to fail in projects but without failing or thinking big, I can’t achieve a great thing or a thing that rewards.

I have been afraid to do projects in abroad because I’m not perfect English speaker. After reading the book I decided to challenge myself through international projects. I have taken small steps to it. I have talked with our foreign guests and spent time with them. Now I’m encouraged to apply for an international project. I love travelling and I know that I’ll live abroad someday. I have the last year left in Tiimiakatemia so I have to hurry up with expanding international network and markets.

 ignore impossibly





3. Ignore word impossible

Arnold has always been interested in politics. After being a movie sensation he began to dream of political career. Dream led him to be the governor of California. It was special because Arnold’s wife Maria was a member of the Kennedy clan, who represented different political party than Arnold.

Arnold said he was determined applying for governor. He was a foreigner and a well-known and bodybuilding in the film industry.  People thought that it was impossible to become a governor. Even Arnold’s wife questioned his political career.

It’s important to remember two thinks in Arnold’s opinion:

  1. People think that it is impossible until someone has done it.
  2. Don’t listen it!

In my opinion Arnold is a living proof that anything is possible in this case!

ass off








4. Work your ass off

Arnold awakened in the book to do things. Hurry is an illusion! He points out that there is 24 hour on day. He makes an hour workout session no matter where in the world he is or what he has to do. Without working your ass off there is no result.

That’s a good thing to remember as a third year team entrepreneur. We have to do at least 130 000€ extra money in a year, so that after graduating we can go to the world’s around trip.









5. Don’t just take, give something back

Over the years, Arnold has received a lot of help to make his dreams come true. Now he wants to share joy and his knowledge about exercising and participate in the charity of physical activity and environmental issues.

Schwarzennegger had four excellent points on his speech in NBF that everyone should remember everyday life:

  1. Don’t always look just at yourself
  2. Remember joy of giving
  3. Serve the people
  4. Work we not me!

We think ourselves easily instead of thinking about us. This idea is the basic of team learning. Even as a third year team entrepreneur I have trouble to remember it. Together we can do more and get better results.

Beginning of the year I decided to help others as much as possible. I am in a situation where I don’t have projects. I felt that by helping others it’s easier to get into the everyday life. I can’t describe how good feeling I get when I can help others selflessly. I think that this kind of culture should be more in Tiimiakatemia.

In the end, three things that I will put into practice from the essay:

  1. Look for opportunities abroad. Participate more with foreign guests, enjoy time at Learning circus and use more English and Russian languages.
  2. Do more things that you like. You have time if you want.
  3. Try to find something that would be interesting for the future


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