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Truth about my economy-truth about my future

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Esseen kirjoittaja: Sara Savolin
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Kirja: Totuus taloudestasi
Kirjan kirjoittaja: Terhi Majasalmi
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Let me share my vision with you. It´s a vision that I never in a million years imagined to have before this summer, when I started reading ”Rich woman” by Kim Kioysaki. It`s not even a vision that I had right after reading it. But now, having read more books about economical freedom, I`m a fan. I now have a vision, that inspires me, and makes me love learning! Who could`ve imagined me getting excited and thinking about which interest to bind a loan, Euribor of 3m or 12m? But now I find myself in that situation, where something like that is vital to undertands, but also fascinating. Since I see the future.

My vision is to own 15 investmentapartments by the year 2024 of my own. (Or if the investments are bought by Millio, multiply it with 11., assuming there are 11 of us holding on together. Becoming economically free.)

There are 3 kind of leverage, says Vauras nainen (Wealthy Woman), Terhi Majasalmi, in her book Totuus Taloudestani, (The truth about my economy).

  1. Other people`s money
  2. Other people`s ideas
  3. Other people`s time, knowhow, and systems
  4. Other people`s contacts

It`s wise to use all these leverages, but as important is to know how to use them.

Other people`s money. It`s not as bad as it may feel to you. People are often terrified of the loan, and maybe they should be, when taking it for a house accommodated of their own. But what becomes to investing, it`s quite a safe way, and today the interest rates are at a very low point, soi t would be the time. Safe means that you can easily pay back the loan by the cashflow that you gain from your tenant, and sooni t will be a loan-free apartment, paid by the tenant, not yourself. And the apartment that you already own, can act as a collateral of your new loan, whit which you can by a new one. That`s the reason that apartmentinvesting can make you financially free before you turn 30, if only you start it early! And the good thing is with the apartments is that you really can get a loan, but with the shares you probably won`t, or it`s way more risky.


It has been a great start to have all these people around me, with their crazy and different ideas of how to success. We now see how vitally importanti t is to have for example training sessions. I can`t imagine our business without them. I`m happy that everyone else feels the same way; if, and when Millio continues working together after graduation, we would still hold the sessions. That`s just the way we learn the best from each other.


As important has been to falling in love with the ”game”. Even though the actual game, investing, hasn`t even started yet, I´m already so in love with the idea, that it strives me to learn, and to really love learning. It feels difficult to read something else than books about investing, but the fact is, that you need to focus on one thing at a time. The first two years were maybe more diversified just to get to know what interests me, but now that I have found it, why not to get as good in it, as I can? Besides the books, I also joined Terhi`s Vaurasnainen website, and got a training for January! It`s been a while since I was in something like that, maybe the time wasn`t ready back in the penguin year, when we sat there listening to Mikko Sjögren. But now I`m ready to change things in practice.


The good example of using other people`s knowhow and systems is also to have a proper and easy accounting firm and close relationship with your accountant, who will help you with pleasure at all times. Working with Administerhas been a great relief, and it feels like we live in a win-win situation, we can truly recommend them, and they have got a few new customers by us, and they have guided us almost daily with no hint of a frustration or indifference. If you are not a huge fan of accounting yourself, just get someone else to do it. It`s good and vital to know the basics, but leave the rest for professionals and focus on your business.


Other people`s contacts, not forgetting your own. There is always someone who knows someone who knows someone and so on. And you can suddenly find value of the contacts you may not have realized as valuable as they are. You may have considered a totally different path for you and then ignored the person, but when you change your path, you find that person crucial. So keep your eyes and mind open, talk to people who share your values. Not your thoughts or opinions, but values.


”After all, we get what we satisfy in”


Stick to your plan. Deside how much of a profit do you hope to get from your investment, and only buy what leads to fullfilling your plan . Also deside the type of the investment, whether it`s an apartment, if it`s a one-or two room flat, and how will you pay back the loan.


About our plan I know by now that the first flat would be a one room flat from Jyväskylä, since we know the city, we can easily find the new town planning information from our contacts. It must be located either in the citycentre, or near the university. The contracts should be fixed-period of one year so there`s not a risk of an empty apartment for a month or two. That would eat a big piece of a yearly income. Even though the contracting must be made safe for us and it may sound hard to commit, we also do know, that we want to be the best landlords/ladies of the universe. So for example a pizzeria-gift card when you move in, and some other nice things that make you feel like home and make you want to stay, just one more year;) My personal dream, when we own a whole blockhouse, is to donate all the tenants Christmas lights. As Havahtuminen says, no one is truly gratuitous , so that`s mainly because I only like certain kind of lights. But it`s a great plus if the tenants feel remarkable:D Payback would be speeded up by pumping money from our current projects into that, because of the collateral-thing. And for example, one summer in Lilliputti should able us to buy at least one apartment, as 30%  capital.

”Dreaming is the way to freedom.


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