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At spring we were at Australia Melbourne. Back then we attended to event which was held as a tour in biggest cities in Australia. The founder and the organizer was 26-year old Aussie millionaire, a dropout. He was having an event where himself could be the keynote speaker

Life is lead by those who have courage to speak of ideas, values, dreams and goals.

Those words came from the mouth of self-made millionaire, Jack Delosa. What I believe and how I think about world in general is that the Globe is just a massive playground, where I feel priviledged to be a Finn. A person without strong cultural load or strict dictating religion. Average Finnish person who earns some 2 200 euros per month belongs to the World’s wealthiest percent! In contrast to those 2,4 billion people living in utmost poverty, living with just under two euros per day! That’s really something I have given a thought in my journeys. People like Arman Alizad, Madventures, Ville Haapasalo or Rauli Virtanen are doing amazing job to provide objective documentary into our homes at evenings. Every inspiring story leads to believe more of my own chances.

As an entrepreneur I have spent thousands of hours and had hundreds of sessions thinking the future. Creating the world of tomorrow and tinkering the models that really don’t exist yet, but maybe tomorrow change the world. I’m not saying that life is made with thinking, you need to do and reflect also. Still the daily dreaming keeps the head above the clouds. I have heard from the people watching their steps and walking firmly on the ground, that future thinking is “dreaming and guessing”. Yet as an entrepreneur this is part of the job.

I have written another post about importance of knowing your WHY. Having discovered your personal WHY, means that you get rid of the load dragging to down. Cause in life there are no shortcuts and when things get hard, I can see past the challenge and keep on moving forward.

The WHY is a source of inner powers and self-leadership. Listening the beliefs of successful businessman I have understand the one specific attribute of listening the inner voice and creating the path of you own. If the steps before you are clear, you are probably on someone else’s!

Strong why:

What makes FutureThinkers so significant to me?

We have a great team with amazing thoughts and goals in life. We have created the big vision, which we feel easier to execute. Our colleagues and friends have sensed that the vision speaks from the hearts of us. They feel it worth being a part of. We have already seen people wanting to contribute. Our vision is to create the most influential brand embassy in Finland. Our meaning of daily actions comes from the mission spreading the Finnish quality brands to the World and get them the deserved respect. We are all on a same mission but with various paths.

What Delosa speaks about in his book, is that great entrepreneurs start before they are ready. I feel that it’s just what we’ve done! In Tiimiakatemia we have used to deal with the uncertainty. As a businessmans we are here train ourselves step by step. We invaded into social media without a knowledge of doing the right tasks. Since June we have thousands of followers and hundreds of tweets and posts about our life and thoughts. I feel we have learned being comfortable with the uncomfortable.

We started trustworthy speaking about our life goals and missions, we challenged ourselves to think deeper. We started from the spark of idea and begun building the illusion. We started building the universe round us. A business that didn’t exist yet, an idea without models or processes let alone any specific business plans other than the great vision. Yet we still launched a campaign and four new products! We don’t know if they are successful or not but that is our advantage. We are on start and trying to find the win-win situations where everyone gains!

We started creating Instagram and Twitter profiles leading people to our landing page futurethinkers –website. We noticed that we were not attractive with only tens of followers and pictures of Finnish nature. We started creating mass effect of various pictures testing, quotes, selfies, illustrative pics or artistic photos with beautiful colours.

After attracting more and more followers we started making same style photos with FutureThinkers-watermark and short story below every post. We took 5E marketing into practice ever since!

What I felt groundbreaking while listening Delosa speaking was the idea of approaching businesses in a new way. Start-up and companies without a references are easily frightening. As easily is the marketing of low budget company sterile too. Rather than cold calling to customers we were about to find businesses complementary to us. Our strategy is to find the people, the teams or businesses at any stage who have simply win-win relationships between us. We are building strategic partnerships and inviting people to an adventure with us. Still how we want the people to feel about us, is that we are building a tribe for like-minded people always searching the opportunities to connect!

It’s time think of how we present the benefits, so easily that we can provide something valuable for the complementary businesses. At first we want to find the win-win-situation, on where businesses and their customers will benefit. Couse of that businesses want to distribute our services and talents to their customers so that they look good! As I learned from the Kasvu Open Keski-Suomi final 2015 that World has moved from the US-way of seling more to the Finnish model selling with trust. For now World has seen the end of “Listen to me, buy this, buy that and those” –argumentation. We are living in era of relationship marketing where brands need relationships and interactions with customers.

What I’ve sensed stressful and meaningless to myself and customers is trying to get deal done right away. The Finns at least want to think over their choices. Nowadays there are plenty of opportunities from which to select and personalize. Futurethinkers rely more on to creating relationships. I have already done my thesis, Timo has done his Israeli startup research, and we’ve been thinking and doing various projects. As we’ve noticed we have already the competitive advantage and special knowledge. We have visible proofs of our works and experiences as entrepreneurs.

As I was writing relationship marketing and brands meeting with clients, Delosa’s comment about owning your audience stroke me then! TV and magazines as a media need authority and a lot of money. Internet has changed it all what comes to owning your audience. Large audiences can be gathered to a Facebook event in few minutes. Everyone can link to almost anyone and the word is free. How we plan to own the audience and build the FutureThinkers-tribe is by active social media usage at Instagram, Twitter and LinkedIn. We are posting regularly value-adding blogs and podcasts to our websites. We are always looking we ways of connecting, like Snapchat or Periscope for example!

One of our values is being what we look like. Everyone of us is a brandambassador. What comes to positioning ourselves and our brand; we have confessed that we are as powerful of making things happen as people think about us!

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