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I think many of us feel like it, when we first time go to customer and start mumbel something really wierd, but with time you get better all the time. And some day others ask that, how you can speak and act like professional. What happen? I try and do it again and again, so long that it became habbit!

If we sound like professional, act like professional and deliver professional outcomes, we are professional! But for know we need to work to get there!


How many times you have been with people you like put same time thinking, what we are actually doing? It´s not easy to get people to do something. I at the moment I feel like it, and don´t have any idea at the moment what the hell I am going to do with them. Being 3 weeks in Australia doesn´t help that.

I know that we can use this experience more than we think in our future, It was our decission to come here and do some try outs what we have never done it before.


The best feeling with whole team have been here so far, time when we saw and hear the people´s feedback from our workshop what we had in two different primary school. We didn´t plan them, but we put effort together for contacting different organizations, and some way sucseed.


We have done schedule and plan for whole next year, but that´s not enough. We need to have results also, and that we didn´t plan at all. That´s why we have so much trouple at the moment for getting everyone to move.

We have lot´s of speaking skills and facilitation professionals, but when comes to actually doing something, nothing happens. We have been in this farytale world too long, know it´s really time to create new ways of doing.

World around trip is comming and money need to be done. We have stay in comfort zone almost 3 month know without any problem, I don´t want to stay here any longer.


This Australia trip was really good try out for international networking, only thing I miss out from here, was that everyone put 100% from their self in to this trip. I haven´t see that before or after. And when you try to do something somewhere you have never been, it´s really hard to keep your head together. It´s so stresfull that it hurt time to time. It´s always easier to go to do some job where you get paid same amount, but when you need to build it your self it´s sometimes close to kill you. But how rewarding was this trip, I can´t even tell with words.


If I could effect even little pit to everyone in our team that how rewarding is to create something from nothing, without experience doing that earlier. It´s feeling that everyone need to feel when they are in Tiimiakatemia. It´s so easy to just do what everyone is doing, but who have the balls to be different it´s real king!


In today´s business world your customer doesn´t care about where you´re sitting, they care about what you´re delivering.

It´s same thing in Finland, even people from Australia don´t care if the customer is from Finland, if they just get people to buy and they can deliver to them, that´s most important.


When the voice inside your head is louder than the voices outside of your head, you have begun to master your life.

I don´t know how this is close to anything but when voice inside can´t say where to go it´s really good thing. It´s hard to know when someone have get it to this point. When you meet people who is master of his life and writing own story, you can feel it.

I hope everyone of us can feel the voice in head and tell him that, I make the choice not you!



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