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Visual teams

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Visual teams



Visualization is great tool to add for conversation. Many leaders may have problem to tell messages for employees with way that employees understands what leader are meaning to say. Visualizing gives more accurate image for brains for what we are meaning about. You can use imaging example for new strategies or showing measured data from past. When you are only hearing speak in conversation you are automaticly making your own images in your mind. By visualing in conversation, your communication is more memorable and you always are on same pages with your listeners.

Of course you dont have time to visualize everything, but its great to visualize every important things. Like vision, strategy, measuring… Or in presentation, it is very usefull to show your listeners what you are talking about.


I got feedback on project Kalteva Kaktus for that my team sometimes wanted more information. I did have the information when somebody asked it from me, but I think it could be very good way to visualize every important information and put that visualized information on the wall. So that is something i need to take more on practise.

On Spring I realized the meaning for writing down data about projects you do. In future, I m going to start make more visualization of that data. Not just word files on computer of our conversation. I mean pictures that have main points with them. With main points I mean conversations we have cloused on meeting, deadlines, goals, who is doing etc.


I have some experience of using visualizing as a tool. I have used it for example on 24H innovationdays sale leading and also in Kalteva Kaktus we measured satisfied customers.



Timeline is visualizing tool. I have made timelines, but I have kind of ”forgotten” them always. That is very bad thing if that happens with leading. Without timeline we cannot see what has been on past and whats waiting in future. We cannot see the whole picture of making project and there is risk that somebody (or even everybody) forgots something very important. And without timeline, there are no deadlines, and deadlines are great tool to push people work.

I also took great tool ”Gameplan” from that book, that im definitely using on my new project.



I got great tips for teaming from this book.

At the starting period of teaming, good tip would be to talk about strenghts what everybody is giving for the team. That builds trust and gives automaticly more role to everybody in team. It is also giving approval that persons can be yourself on team.

Second great tip was to make sure that everybody in team knows what is their teams purpose. What makes team succes. How you measure your teams succces?

After that you have to make sure that everybody in team knows what his/her needs to do for that succes. What is his/her role and goals for teams succes?


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