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The billionaire and CEO of Space X and Tesla has been given a lot of media-attention lately. That doesn’t surprise me at all. He’s accomplished all that in such a short time, in my opinion. One of the many things that I admire of Elon Musk is his passionate about his projects. We all should have it. I am not going to tell how to find one’s passion but what I learned about Musk’s career and history from the book about him itself, Elon Musk- Ashley Vance (2016). I recommend this book to everyone. Especially those who want to success and achieve their goals. 


Don’t be afraid to take a step to the future. 

One of the things that caught my eye was the fact that Musk didn’t make it at the first time, or second and neither third time. He was so passionate about his projects, so he didn’t mind the failures. Instead he tried harder. We touched a little bit this topic in our training session yesterday. We have a huge potential here in Team Academy that we should not be afraid to use. In my opinion we don’t take so many risks here trying to create new. We’re maybe too old-fashioned. Like Musk, we should think more about the future and things that maybe doesn’t exist, yet. Something to do with green values and future technology. That would really give Team Academy a huge advantage. And the greatest about this is the fact that we have a large network.  

My fear is not to success. I’m quite perfectionist and I feel like I should be ready to do everything perfectly. Well, Musk didn’t success every time so I shouldn’t worry about it either. These things give me perspective. Now that I’m about to do something and even think about failing, I’ll remember that it doesn’t matter. Failure just pushes you to try harder and find better solutions. My next step should then be giving more space in my brains to innovating new without fear. 


Be ready to take your ideas “to the moon and back”. 

Taking ideas “to the moon and back” should be no-brainer for people in such as innovative place as Team Academy. Not always literally but the idea is basically the same. The Rocket model is an excellent tool with this. A hundred, the craziest ideas, formed later to few more advantaged ones. That’s the real deal. What could be better way to get crazy ideas than taking them to the moon and later back to the earth.  

“Think big.” is probably one of the most used phrases in motivational quotes. Sounds like a cliché but it is useful. For example, think about Elon Musk. He wanted to build a rocket ship. Isn’t that big enough? Or how about Mark Zuckerberg who started Facebook. Thinking about how useful Facebook is nowadays, I wonder how we could have lived without it in the first place. The same is with Musk. He wanted to create an electric car and now we wonder how wonder how he was the first one to really making it BIG.  

We had one Tesla for about a year and I’d buy one to myself if I’d just have money for it. Even though the car itself is maybe the most ecological itself but making it isn’t. I bet they consider that topic and the change to that will come.  


Take advantage of the people you know.  

Musk also had a large network. By that, I don’t mean any kind of internet etc. but I mean like a bunch of people that were ready to help him and believed in him. I bet he couldn’t have succeeded without having those people around him. I recently started to innovate two-man design project with my roommate. We got our idea one night, thinking about getting us a beautiful dining table. Well, no more about it. The point was that we first thought about innovating the project just by ourselves and not telling about it to anyone. Lucky us, that we realized to share it with other because sharing is caring. That case proves the power of having people around in Team Academy to help you (us). Otherwise the project would still stay in our minds and never happening. We’ve already taken the theory in practice.  


Remember to educate yourself. 


Educating yourself is the key to intelligence. Reading books about the topic you want to learn gives you more knowledge. Not just that but using the knowledge from books in the real life will make you even more intelligent. Either you truly realize how the theory or example works in practice or does it work at all. Isn’t that what we should already use in our training sessions? Sharing the theory from books to others and later, using it in a project. Mask didn’t learn just by reading books. He used the knowledge of more intelligent people by asking questions. It’s said that Musk was sometimes even annoying asking “too many” questions. Isn’t it wise to use the existing knowledge? We all should ask more questions from the people who are wiser than us like “the one asking is not dumb but the one is who answers”, and of course in this case the one answering is even more intelligent. So, let’s educate ourselves by books and remember to ask anytime from others.  

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