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What really motivates us?

Kirjoitettu 12.12.16
Esseen kirjoittaja: Juuso Nieminen
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Kirja: The puzzle of motivation (Ted Talk)
Kirjan kirjoittaja: Dan Pink
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I have been thinking this matter for about an year now. It really thrills me, because I think it is very important question. And I think that the answer shows us the more humane side of motivators.

In his inspirational speech, Dan Pink shakes our believes about the fact what really motivates us. It is truly a matter of fact that money isn’t a good motivator for all kind of tasks. The studies as described in the video shows us how larger rewards can lead to worse results. This happens when people are working in some other circumstances that require more than mechanical skills. These are tasks that need much more broader perspective to understand or solve them and in this case larger money bonuses will only do harm to the thinking process.

It is strange why businesses still reward people based on these ancient principles, going back to something 1920’s when majority of jobs were still mechanical work. There is a mismatch between these two things and it surely will make hindrance to every company. Bosses earn large amounts of money and it seems to be a never ending competition who will have the greatest paycheck. As Jim Collins describes in his wonderful book Good to Great, the best leaders are very modest persons and they more likely will lower their own income than their workers. They put organizational needs first and show that they care about their employees. And that is something to really think about.

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