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Who moved my cheese?

Kirjoitettu 02.03.15
Esseen kirjoittaja: Mikko Tammilehto
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Kirja: Who moved my cheese?
Kirjan kirjoittaja: Spencer Johnson
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Human is a curious creature. We are the smartest and the most sophisticated species in this planet. Our superiority is the result of our brain and ability to think. In nature, you can survive either by being stronger than the other, or being smarter than the other. The human race is the latter. But what brought us to the top? The answer to that is our ability to develop ourselves and our behavior. The word for that is change. And this book was all about change and how to adapt to it.

Since the beginning of human civilization and world domination as species we have experienced constant change. The world changes daily, because our thinking changes. Our thinking changes because we want things to be better. Or at least some of us do. Change is vital for us to be better and survive. But why it is so frightening?

I think the main reason for any change to be frightening is because we have our lives going on too well. We are overly satisfied of the way things are. It is partially a scientific area to think also. Our brain is a lazy organ and it will not do any work, if it thinks that things are all right and we are safe. Of course we are safe for now, but for how long? We tend think that because things are already so well, then why should we have to change anything? ”We could end up worse or mess things up some other way!” That is the thought that comes to our minds. ”Change is a good thing because it teaches us to develop new solutions and leads us to a better life!” That is the thought that should come to our minds instead of the first one. We are afraid because we do not know what will happen. So we choose to do nothing.

We get familiar with thinking that becase things are all good for now that it should always be so. The average human do not strive for better life because the risks of change are seen too frightening. But that does not develop us at all. When the time for change finally comes, we do not know what we must or even can do because we have not trained ourselves for change. But the people who seek change continuously and even on daily basis know exactly how they will act if the moment for mandatory change finally comes. They have seen life, change and all the complexities so much more often than others and therefore they manage to have a better life for being more creative and adaptive. That is always an advantage in life. But it leaves us a question; what is the crucial difference between these human types?

Attitude. Attitude for life and lifelong learning. Attitude to see adversities as an opportunity to reach better and deeper understanding of the world and life. They do not want to live an easy life without changes. That kind of life – when you think about it a little while – seems very dull and boring. For me at least it seems a kind of life that one just sails through and does the same things from time and time again slowly fading away every day. I think that most people would have the same opinion as I just presented if they think of their lives a little while. Many people realise this, but still they do not do anything about their own lives. They just keep on doing what they always did and then fade away as their dull lives come to the end.

The fear of change is linked strongly to the fear of failure. That is the key element that keeps us from seeking change. We do not want to fail. We want better lives, but we think that we mess it all up and decide to ”do it some other day”. But the day is now. You do not have any other day than this. The current day is your last day on earth. You must take the bull by its horns and experience the successful change, for that is the experience that gives you the experience for adapting to change again when all is taken away from you.

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